Villa Río Verde
Villa Río Verde
About this project


A spectacular mansion, realized in classic style, elaborated in accordance with the ideas and wishes of the client. Its´unique design and the perfect realization distinguish this construction among the others.

The interiors of the house are the authentic reflection of the luxury. The bathroom fitment , decorated with gold of the leading italian brands Gentry Home, Labor Legno and Gaia, the fire-place, created with the best marble, the porcelain of the most famous italian houses: Petracer´s and Emil Ceramica – every detail is a quality label.

Our specialists have provided everything: a guest-house, a Ballet-studio, a marvelous spa, decorated with mosaic of the world- famous brand Friulmosaic in accordance to the individual project and also a modern jacuzzi, ubicated in the house-top with exciting sea-views.

As it comes to the equipment of the interiors, every room is a creation of art. The furniture Andrea Fanfani and the kitchen Cad´oro – the most luxury houses all over the world have been built in cooperation with this brand.

The mansion Río Verde is ubicated in the most exclusive zone - The Marbella Golden Mile, in the most luxury district of Marbella. This zone is so unique, because it´s situated 5 minutes away from the famous Puerto Banús, the centre of the social and night life of the city. The beach and a large ammount of high-quality shops are also situated quite close.