Investment projects

Banus group – not only one of the leading business companies in Marbella and throughout the Costa del Sol, but also an active participant of the investment projects. We develope the construction of buildings for various purposes (residential apartment buildings, villas, townhouses, resort-recovery systems) in different regions of Spain and invest in this sector.

Our experts work out business plans based on the information that they gather with the help of the modern solutions. These investigations serve as a basis for the development and management of investment projects in the construction of real state in Spain.

 The work with investment projects is organized in Banus Group in accordance with the modern standards and it is multiphase.

The wording of the project.  During this step we analize the current phase of the project, value the perspective and establish the approximated payback period of the investment.

Preparation of the projects. During this phase we take decisions about the investment and its´ volume. If the decision is positive, we gather more information that will help us to realize the project successfully.

The evaluation of the project. This phase allows to program all the details and elaborate the best plan of the investment.

Reaization of the project.  This is the main phase, that lasts till the object comissioning .

Evaluation of the results.

We invest directly in the construction of the objects, taking part in every phase of the projects we participate in, and also colaborate with investment foundations. The decisions about participating in the projects are taken by our executive group individually for each case.